The RSPB’s guide to a greener Christmas!

Looking to have an eco-friendly Christmas? We’ve got everything you need here, all wrapped up in a green sustainable bow!

Decking the halls with nature-friendly decorations
Every year in the UK hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste from packaging gets thrown away, as well as enough wrapping paper to cover the whole of Brighton and Hove (around 88 square kilometres!). But Christmas shopping doesn’t have to induce eco-anxiety – these nature-friendly packaging options will make sure that you are treading lightly with all the proceeds directly helping the nature that you love.

Plastic-free and FSC Christmas cards
These Christmas cards feature beautiful designs as well as eco-friendly credentials – they come in home compostable wrap, are fully recyclable, and don’t have any foil or glitter (a microplastic that can end up in oceans and ingested by fish, as well as making the product unrecyclable). Many of them also come in recyclable boxes!

Recyclable wrapping

All three of our lovely wrapping paper options are made from recycled FSC-certified paper. This also means that the wrapping paper itself can be recycled! And another little cherry on top – it’s printed with water-based inks that reduce the toxins released into our environment. £4 for 5 metres.

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No-guilt crackers
With the RSPB crackers you get presents that are all either recyclable or edible – origami sets, fair trade chocolates or build-your own wooden decorations! The crackers themselves, as well as their packaging, are all plastic-free and made from recycled, FSC-certified paper. They also come with a lovely decorative ribbon that can be repurposed with your own wrapping. £13 for a box of six, £24 for two boxes of six.

Sustainable Christmas tree decorations
These decorations will add distinction to any tree and are made with eco-friendly materials: wool felt, ceramic, or sustainably sourced wood. Try the glass bird decorations – now glitter-free and in a cardboard box (£13.99) or the inviting bird in a bird box (£4.99).

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Plastic-free Christmas jumpers

An estimated 95% of Christmas jumpers contain plastic in the form of acrylic or polyester fabric – but not the RSPB jumper. Check out this organic cotton, plastic-free RSPB jumper, complete with quirky festive ducks. £29.99.

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Palm oil-free vegan toiletries
The RSPB’s range of toiletries is guaranteed free of parabens, phosphates and palm oil. It’s also vegan and made in the UK. The range contains a heritage blend of orange blossom, rose geranium, cedarwood and petitgrain.

Organic cotton scarves – These gorgeous scarves are all made of organic cotton, ensuring ecologically and socially responsible production, limited water use, and safe working conditions. £15 each.

RSPB reusable bottles
One of the easiest changes to make is to move from single-use water bottles to a reusable metal one. These stainless steel bottles keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, thanks to their triple-layer construction. Choose from five exclusive designs including barn owl, puffin and blue tit. £27.99.

Nature-friendly coffee and chocolates
Naturally grown under the rainforest canopy, this organic, fairtrade ground coffee provides a haven for birds and other wildlife while nurturing deliciously different wild-tasting coffee beans. Two blends available, and now incredible instant coffee too! Pair with sumptuous, ethical Booja Booja truffles, which also make a great gift for vegans. Coffee is £3.79, truffles are £9.99.

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