This month in Kitchen Garden

This month in Kitchen Garden

The July issue – the 250th! – is now on sale. Check out what’s inside and online for you this month as KG celebrates 21 years of growing.

July 2018: What’s in store?

After all the sowing and planting of previous months July gives us the opportunity to slow up a little and just get on with the lovely job of growing our crops.

Assuming the sun will shine this month we asked cookery expert Anna Pettigrew for some ideas for cooling home-made cordials; just the thing to enjoy while taking a break from the weeding. One of those uses blackcurrants as its main ingredient and starting on page 68 of the magazine you’ll find fruit expert David Patch’s own recipe for growing success with this delicious fruit.

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Beans are great freezer fillers. Veg expert Rob Smith reveals his favourite varieties and offers some great growing tips, plus on page 92, Joyce Russell has a simple idea for giving these climbers the support they need.

We celebrate a milestone this month – our 250th issue – and on behalf of the team I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful support. Here’s to the next 21 years of growing delicious fresh-picked fruit and veg together!


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The Gardens of Eden

The Eden Project first opened its doors in 2001 and still maintains its initial purpose to highlight the importance of plants in every aspect of our lives. Take a tour with the head of Eden’s outdoor horticultural team, Julie Kendall.

Sweet, sweet sweetcorn

It’s hard to beat the flavour of sweetcorn freshly picked from the plot and cooked straight away. Once tried, forever smitten, says Tony Flanagan, who explains how to grow and harvest this delicious veg. And there’s a FREE packet of the Golden Bantam variety with the July issue, which you can sow now for an autumn crop!

Roses… for flavour as well as colour and scent

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A rose is not just for the vase; choose the right one and you can eat it too. Sally Cunningham takes a look at the best ones to grow for their sweet flavour.

Make a summer cordial

KG’s Anna Pettigrew helps to keep you refreshed with four thirst-quenching cordials, simply bursting with flavour.

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Also in the July issue…..

* The beauty of blackcurrants * The Three Mudketeers share news from their own plots * Schoolchildren learn lessons from the soil * Make a wall frame for climbing beans * Find out about French beans with Rob Smith *Kitchen Garden solves your growing problems

Crops that sow themselves!

As always, we have a whole host of new videos up on our YouTube channel for you to watch, packed with information, how-to guides, garden hacks and recipes.


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