B-Lines maps plot paths for pollinators

B-Lines maps plot paths for pollinators

Northern Ireland to follow Wales in having its own B-Line map

The initiative, from conservation charity Buglife, aims to help bees and other pollinating insects by restoring and connecting wildflower-rich areas across the country. The maps identify opportunities for restoring habitats like meadows, and for creating wildlife corridors between them, to establish a wildflower-rich network across our countryside and through our towns and cities.

Buglife has been working with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, wildlife charities, the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording, and others to map B-Lines across the whole of Northern Ireland. The aim now is for local projects to get involved and add their wildlife areas to the interactive map.


Dr Úna FitzPatrick, co-ordinator of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, said, “With one-third of our wild bee species threatened with extinction from the island of Ireland, we need to act now before they disappear. Small changes to bring food and shelter back into our landscape are what is required, and the B-lines initiative has the potential to make a real difference.”

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