Exclusive giveaways in the July edition

Here are some exclusive Kitchen Garden giveaways for our July edition! Prizes total over £1700, here’s what you could win this month…

Border in a box

Garden on a Roll planting kits contain everything you need to create your own beautiful garden border, delivered straight to your door!

Plantsman and landscape designer Antony Henn and his team are on a mission to make gardening easier and more accessible for everyone. While designing beautiful gardens around the UK and presenting various gardening shows, Antony came up with the simple idea of putting his love of plants and nature into a box. Garden on a Roll is a great option for those who are short on time ­– or who don’t have the skills or knowledge required to create their own garden from scratch.

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The Garden on a Roll website offers different styles to choose from, as well as various widths and lengths so you can customise your very own border. The kits contain a paper design template, the plants, which are identified with letters corresponding to the template, organic fertiliser, gloves and a trowel.

The carefully selected plants are chosen to create a beautiful and balanced display, with a range of colours, textures and scents. Each kit is designed to be planted in either a sunny or a shady position, with eight styles to choose from.

All you need to do is prepare the area for your border, using soil conditioner or compost to improve the ground. Then roll out the paper template, match up the lettered plants to the roll, and plant them through the paper. Cover the paper with compost or mulch, and watch the plants grow and fill out the space, creating a beautiful and lush garden design in no time at all. It’s as easy as planting by numbers!

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In addition to its ease of use and low maintenance requirements, Garden on a Roll is also an eco-friendly option. The biodegradable paper is made from natural materials and will break down in a matter of weeks, leaving no harmful residue behind. The plants are grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Garden on a Roll offers a convenient and simple solution to transform your garden. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a professional design ­– but who are keen to do the work themselves. Prices start at £75.

Find out more at www.gardenonaroll.com

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We have two prizes of a Garden on a Roll border planting kit, each worth up to £410, to give away. The winners will be able to choose a border style and size to suit their garden space, up to a maximum of 150cm x 6m.

** Special offer for KG readers: Enjoy a professionally designed garden for less this summer! Use the code ‘LIVING10’ to save 10% when you order at www.gardenonaroll.com 

Offer valid until August 31, 2023.

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Watering in style

The Waterfall Watering Can from Burgon & Ball is a real pleasure to use. Created in sturdy galvanised steel, it’s ideal for the gardener looking for a long-lasting, high-performance and stylish full-size watering can.

It holds nine litres (about two gallons), cutting down on trips to the tap. Its oval shape is appealingly slender, giving your knees a wide berth in use.

The ergonomic single-handed design eliminates back twisting, and is cleverly weighted to the spout for ‘automatic’ pouring, with a little help from gravity! The emptier the can gets, the further it tips, with the comfortable roll-edged handle sliding gently through the fingers. The screw-on rose gives a choice of fine or rapid watering.

The durable galvanised steel has a tough powder-coated finish to protect it from rust. With a five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, this is a heavy-duty can which looks beautiful but won’t let you down.

Find out more at www.burgonandball.com

We have six nine-litre Waterfall Watering Cans in British Racing Green, each worth £49.99, to give away.

Low-effort lawncare

The STIGA Aero 132e Kit Cordless Lawn Mower (RRP £221) lets you mow small lawns quickly and easily – this is a mower that rides on air! Powered by two 4Ah ePower smart batteries, its patented design uses aeronautical technology to optimise battery life and cutting performance. You can mow up to 100m2 on a single charge. Light yet strong, it’s easy to manoeuvre on slopes – and it’s so small,
it can hang on a wall when you’re done.

The GT 100e Kit Cordless Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter (£115) makes quick work of tidying lawn edges, and around trees, shrubs and fences. Its ePower battery gives you 20 minutes of trimming on a single charge, with the powerful motor and single line auto-feed ensuring no interruptions. It has a soft-grip ergonomic handle, and an adjustable telescopic shaft to match your reach.

Find out more at

We have one prize of a STIGA Aero 132e Kit Cordless Lawn Mower and a GT 100e Kit Cordless Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter, worth a total of £336, to give away.

Tools for every task

The new FELCO 250 Hedge Shears (RRP £89.99) prioritise both performance and comfort. The hardened steel construction and a serrated section let them easily tackle branches up to 15mm (½in) diameter, and the precision-ground blades are chrome-coated for smooth cutting action and corrosion resistance. The blades are bent at 13 degrees for improved ergonomics, and cushioned shock absorbers ensure comfortable extended use.

FELCO has also launched a new range of hand tools, including a Hand Trowel (£34.99), Hand Fork (£32.99), Swiss Hori Hori Tool (£32.99), Hand Weeder (£27.99) and Hand Cultivator (£26.99). Handmade from premium materials, each comes with a lifetime warranty and is virtually unbreakable. The handles are made from FSC ash with an ergonomic contour, and the heavy-duty forged boron steel and hardened steel heads are honed and sharpened to perfection.

Find out more at

We have three prizes – the Hedge Shears plus a Hand Trowel; a Hand Fork and Swiss Hori Hori Tool; and a Hand Weeder and Hand Cultivator – worth a total of £245.94, to give away.

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