Mudketeers diary-Aug 16th 2018

Mudketeers diary-Aug 16th 2018

Sungold sensation

I love this time of year when my ‘Sungold’ tomatoes are ripening. I have just gone outside and harvested some of these sweet orange cherry tomatoes. They went into the pan already warmed by the sun. To this I added a bit of butter, crushed clove of garlic, a sprinkle of chilli seeds, a chopped mushroom and some oregano. I also had some red pepper so chopped and added that. I had already cooked a bread roll which I sliced in half. When the pan is full of simmering soft tomatoes and lots of juice it is poured over the bread soaking it with the sweetest of juices before the tomatoes fall over the whole open roll spilling over the sides. I slice some cheese and lay on top before grilling until the cheese oozes over the tomatoes. It is then plated up sprinkled with some basil and I bite into the soft juicy sweet bread with a hit of hotness from the chilli. The coolness of the basil and zing from the herbs makes this a quick lunch that is simply divine. You can make it with any tomatoes but sweet cherry ones are best and if you can grow ‘Sungold’ next year do. It takes this dish to another level. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s lunch, the one after, the one that and every lunch until sadly my ‘Sungold’ are no more…until next year!

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