Here are some exclusive Kitchen Garden giveaways for our April edition! Prizes total over £1600, here’s what you could win this month:

Get set to grow!

Two lucky readers will be set for the season with a bumper bundle of top products from Westland gardening brands.

The striking leaf-shaped Gro-Sure Visiroot 12 Tray Growhouse (£69.99) is a robust mini greenhouse. Its durable UV-resistant cover provides easy access and flexible ventilation.

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The 7.5-litre Flopro CanCan (£16.99) has a unique quick hose connection point for no-spills filling. The flip-top quick-change spray head lets you switch from the rose to Fast Flo pour without removing the spout.

Kent & Stowe Eversharp Garden Snips (£29.99) have carbon steel blades with Eversharp technology to guarantee the sharpest, longest-lasting blade on the market, teamed with a lightweight aluminium body and comfort-grip handles.

Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food incorporates PlantSense Technology, which produces four times more blooms in trials of bedding plants versus unfed plants. Westland Big Tom Tomato Food is enriched with essential nutrients for three times more tomatoes by weight and healthier, tastier fruit.

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Our lucky winners will also get the beautiful FSC Unwins Gardener’s Box, which comes complete with seeds, twine, notepad and labels, an Unwins Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflower Box for a stunning wildflower patch, and a Westland SafeLawn Spreader Box and Westland LawnRevive Box for a greener, lusher lawn.

Peckish Complete Seed Mix, a Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder, Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Balls and a Peckish All Weather Energy Ball Feeder complete our prize packages.

Find out more at www.gardenhealth.com

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We have two Westland prize bundles, each worth a total of £240.84, to give away.

Safeguard for garden wood

Keep your outdoor wood looking its best for longer with the Roxil range from Safeguard Europe.

Roxil Wood Protection Cream provides 10-year protection in a single-coat application. A colourless weatherproofer for softwoods and weathered hardwoods, its advanced silicone cream formula absorbs into wood to prevent water damage.

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Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver is a fast-drying dual-purpose wood stain and preserver suitable for outdoor or indoor use. It prevents deterioration and breathes new life into wood with UV-resistant fade-free colour that lasts up to five years. There are six rich colours to choose from.

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil enhances the natural colour of pine, larch, cedar and other softwoods. It provides a breathable surface lining film that can reduce water ingress by up to 75%, and includes a biocide to protect against mould damage.

To find out more, go to www.safeguardeurope.com

We have four prizes of Roxil Wood Protection Cream and Coloured Wood Preserver, each worth a total of £49.98, and two prizes of Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil, each worth £49.99, to give away.

Cordless convenience

Greenworks is one of the UK’s leading brands of cordless gardening and power tools. The Greenworks range is battery powered, providing an efficient, environmentally friendly solution to garden tasks. The tools are lightweight, compact and, without the constraints of a power cord, easy to handle.

Mowing the lawn couldn’t be easier with the Greenworks 48V 36cm Lawnmower. It boasts great cutting quality alongside a 40-litre rear-collection grass bag, and is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens. It comes complete with a 24V 25cm Line Trimmer to provide an all-in-one lawncare package, for a total RRP of just £259.99. 

The compact Greenworks two-in-one 24V Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears (RRP £59.99) is a versatile and lightweight tool with grass and shrub blade attachments, making it ideal for shaping shrubs and cutting grass around beds and patios.

Find out more about Greenworks products at www.greenworkstools.co.uk

We have one prize of a Greenworks 48V 36cm Lawnmower, 24V 25cm Line Trimmer and 24V Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears, worth a total of £319.98, to give away.


Six KG readers are set to win a package of six top-performing feed and plant protection products to help ensure healthy plants and bumper yields this year.

Phostrogen Fungus Plant Defence is a natural formulation that helps build a barrier against common issues such as blackspot, powdery mildew, potato blight, leaf spot and rust. Provanto Smart is a revolutionary insecticide with three-in-one action, stopping a variety of pests in just one hour, with visible results within 24 hours and up to eight weeks’ protection.

Phostrogen Organic Tomato Food is a seaweed-enriched concentrate for weekly feeding, while Phostrogen Organic All Purpose Plant Food Granules provide slow-release balanced feeding for a wide range of plants.

Baby Bio Herb Food is tailored to produce tasty, aromatic herbs, with the perfect balance of nutrients to encourage strong and healthy growth, and Maxicrop Original seaweed extract is rich in organic nutrients to support better rooting and promote stronger, healthier plants.

Find out more at


We have six prize packages of all six products, each worth a total of £46.40, to give away.


CoirProducts.co.uk offers an extensive range of coir-based gardening products. Coir fibre is a natural, sustainable waste product from the coconut industry with high water- and air-holding capacities, so its use benefits plant growth, and it biodegrades into the soil over time, adding texture.

Ethically sourced and produced, the Coir Products range is ideal for the environmentally conscious gardener, providing a sustainable, practical and affordable alternative to both plastic and peat.

With more than 155 product varieties on offer, the range includes coir pots in sizes ranging from 5cm (2in) to 40cm (16in), coir discs and coir coins, each in a choice of four sizes, coir potting mixes (blocks, bricks and bags in various sizes), mulch mats, growbags, grow poles, grow cubes and more.

Our three lucky winners will each receive a bumper bundle of products handpicked from across the range.

For more information, visit www.CoirProducts.co.uk

We have three Coir Products prize bundles, each worth £100, to give away.

Closing date: Friday, April 21, 2023

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