Paton pumpkins set for new record

Paton pumpkins set for new record

…challenging the record they set in 2016 with a 160 stone (1016kg) pumpkin!

Champion pumpkin-growing twins Ian and Stuart Paton from Southampton are well on the way to challenging the record they set in 2016 with a 160 stone (1016kg) pumpkin. This year they have four contenders which are currently piling on 60lb (27kg) a day.

The growing pumpkins are being kept at a constant 18°C – even through the night for the first time. This seems to be working as the pumpkins are currently 10% ahead of last year’s winner. Copious watering is also needed – but too much and the skin can split, putting the pumpkin out of contention.


The Patons will need to hire a special truck to lift their enormous pumpkins as their own tractor will not be up to the job. The official weigh-in is on Saturday October 14 at the Jubilee Sailing Trust Autumn Pumpkin Festival at Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton. This year the event will also include a tomato ‘Gigantomo’ weigh-in, and you can bring contenders for that along to enter on the day.

If you’re inspired to grow your own shop-stopping pumpkin in 2018, you can buy seeds from one of the Patons’ record-breakers from T&M at


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