Rhubarb and ginger jam

Rhubarb and ginger jam

Try this simple yet delicious recipe for making use of your bumper crop of rhubarb

Once the rhubarb gets underway, there’s no stopping it. When the novelty of crumble has worn off, divert some of the later stalks into this excellent jam.

Ingredients (makes two 454g/1lb jars)


700g (1lb 9oz) rhubarb, chopped

700g (1lb 9oz) sugar

40g (1½oz) crystallised ginger, finely chopped


2 tbsp lemon juice

1. Mix the rhubarb and sugar together in a bowl and leave them to sit for several hours, or overnight.

2. Put the rhubarb and sugar into a heavy-bottomed pan over a moderate heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the ginger and lemon juice.


3. Increase the heat and boil rapidly until setting point is reached. (Test for this by letting a few drops of the syrup cool on a saucer. If the cooled surface wrinkles when pushed with a finger, it is ready.)

4. Transfer the hot jam to warmed jars and seal them down.


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